Thermoformed perfumery

For 50 years we have been making interior boxes

And cases for perfumery and cosmetics,

sectors in which we are leaders in Europe, thanks to collaborations
multiple years with the most prestigious brands in the luxury industry.

We shape the requests of the most demanding customers through a dedicated and highly specialized team, which combines high aesthetic standards with the most meticulous technical details aimed at creating desirable and functionally excellent products

We follow our client at every stage of development


We follow the client at every stage of development, from the kick-off of needs analysis, study of sample objects with 3D scanners, creation of presentation drawings and renderings preceding dedicated sampling, made by equipment in line with serial ones.
We validate our products by standard tests (transport test, crash test, drop test) and perform in-production checks by spectrophotometer and custom defect panels

Our thermoforms can be made in a variety of colors and materials, including:

  • PET (virgin or recycled, including 100%)
  • PS, PET- or PS-based flocked and SEAFLOCK

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