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Tecnoform at the service of food

This sector demands superior technical performance from the food tray as, from a simple primary packaging, it becomes an integral part of the product technology whose quality, freshness, color, durability and safety characteristics it is called upon to maintain.

We are located in Italy’s “Food Valley” and a leader in custom packaging for pre-sliced sausage.

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Personalization is our hallmark.

We devote the know-how that comes from processing 400 molds yearly to the technical development of the tray.

Even in the case of replication of existing products, we apply the technical arrangements that optimize the tray in relation to the criticality of the food and its packaging system.

Applied research

We are constantly engaged with the territorial research institution to improve the characteristics of manufactured products with respect to the criticality of products and their cold chain. Particular focus with respect to:

  • Search for materials with optimal stratigraphy and chemical and physical characteristics
  • Continuous innovation in designs, made possible by a dedicated team of 8 people
  • Study of Product-Tank Interaction Tests to research the most appropriate types of materials and their best combination.

Our green commitment

Our commitment in the green direction is embodied in the research and use of:

  • 8 different types of PET, including 100% recycled PET, suitable food contact
  • BIO based and compostable materials
  • Proposals for degreasing on existing thermoforms

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