One of the founding values of the company is liability.

Tecnoform has implemented a series of concrete actions to preserve the environment:

  • We have been experimenting new technologies to increase energy efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions.
  • Since 2016, we managed to reach our target and recover over 97% of the raw materials.
  • We have chosen the provision of sustainable energy from renewable source for 100% of our own annual consumption.
  • We design every item in compliance with the EU directive No. 62 of 20th December 1994.

Recovered Raw Material

2012 - 94,5%
2013 - 93,6%
2014 - 95,5%
2015 - 96,3%
2016 - 98,3%
2017 - 98,8 %
2018 - 97,6 %


Tecnoform is committed to:

Recovering more than 99% of raw materials within 2019.

Annual Report of the Energy Saving System

kWh Energy Saving
Annual CO2 Emission Reduction (kg)
Saved Forest Area (m2)
Absorbed Homes

Becoming a member of Sedex

Tecnoform accedes to the collaborative platform Sedex (Supplier Ethical Data Exchange), thus, taking upon itself the responsibility of applying a code of ethics to its supply policies as well as committing itself to the diffusion of ethical principles.

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