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Tecnoform was founded in 1977 and started out as a packaging subcontractor. Right from the very beginning, it started collaborating with important national clients such as the Bormioli and Barilla groups.

In 2000 Tecnoform's turnover was approximately 4 million Euros, the company employed 25 people and covered a surface of 3,200 sq. m.

Today, thanks to over 70 collaborators, expresses a sales value that exceeds over 20 million Euros and the company occupies a covered surface of overall 10,000 sq. m.

Tecnoform is a company with strong and shared values that knows it can meet its clients' requirements with competence, professionalism and ethics.

The Company's Identity

Technical and human excellence

Our evolution has always been guided by one main objective: to reinforce internal cohesion so as to provide our clients with a highly reliable team, the result of company guidelines based on staff growth, business and social responsibility.

For this reason we have always pursued both the professional and value enrichment of our staff.

Each and every internal action complies with a "Charter of Values", which regulates our company's code of conduct, and each and every external relation with clients and suppliers is governed by a strictly ethical code of practice.


Tecnoform, with its constant commitment to improve, chooses to obtain certifications so as to guarantee its clients the highest quality standards.


Carbon Trust Certification.

Tecnoform is subscribed to the Sedex platform:

The Group

We use speed, creativity, and flexibility to shape ideas.


In its main headquarters in Colorno, Tecnoform has a state-of-the-art production plant with: 13 high-automation thermoforming lines, 2 blistering machines both for high-frequency and thermal blistering, 2 sleeve application lines, 3 hot printing machines as well as 1 pad printing machine.


Part of the moulds are made using 12 high-automation work centers.

The result is a highly coordinated industrial complex, which is at the same time flexible and able to guarantee a remarkable level of operational integration with the client.

Tecnoform S.r.l.

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43052 Colorno (PR) - Italy


Tel: +39 0521 312425

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BRC Packaging Certified

Carbon Trust

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