Dynamism and perseverance guide us in the continuous search for

technical solutions for the functionality of our products

and in the development of materials.

Each goal achieved is only a stage,

our ambition knows no goals!

“We must imagine and build what we could become.”
Michel Foucault

In-house drafting team (Every phase of the project is studied in detail and customized according to customers’ needs; all molds are designed and drawn by our technical department, which consists of 4 draftsmen with years of experience.

We patent cutting-edge solutions: EcoOne and EcoOne multicavity are the latest.

Becomes part of the Tecnoform group (20% stake) since 2013. Makes part of the molds in a highly automated context thanks to 12 machining centers. Follows all engineering interventions regarding the modification of existing plants and the design of new ones

From our patent for processing PULP (paper pulp) and collaboration with Fedrigoni, Eclòse, a company entirely dedicated to paper pulp production, was born.