Eco One®: the first 100% recyclable thermoformed product

Tecnoform, present for over forty years in the world of Packaging, is a company built on the basis of strong and shared values, aware of being able to achieve customer satisfaction through competence, professionalism and ethical sense.

Over the years, research and development have allowed Tecnoform to excel in the packaging sector and this has been possible thanks to the continuous study of products with low environmental impact.

In this regard, today Tecnoform has put in place a series of concrete practices including: the recovery of the raw material to 99%, 100% sustainable energy supply from renewable sources, environmental/energy certification according to the standard of the Carbon Trust.

Eco One is a practical example of a joint effort between research and eco-sustainability.

 This is an absolute novelty for the packaging sector and for all those eco-friendly companies that have always been attentive to issues related to ethics and sustainability.

 The ideal solution for luxury products in the perfumery and cosmetics field thanks to the thermoformed Pulp, a pulp created from natural fibres such as paper, which combined with a thermo-covered cardboard, minimizes the environmental impact.

 Tecnoform's research and development department, in accordance with the directives of the Carbon Trust and after a continuous analysis of the materials, was able to create ECO1:

 Eco One is just the first in a new era of thermoformed products, with zero environmental impact, capable of not losing functionality and style for all luxury sectors such as perfumery and cosmetics.

Functionality combined with eco-sustainability is the primary concept of this new elegant thermoformed product, thanks to the combination of a cardboard thermocover, able to give even more value to luxury packaging.

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