Handling trays

We specialize in trays and platters, protective packaging

For industrial products intended for handling processes,

Automation and transportation, made with care and precision

In order to ensure safe containment of the
product itself.

Development is entrusted to a dedicated team that designs with multiple customization factors in mind


The development of our trays is entrusted to a dedicated team that designs taking into account multiple factors: the characteristics of your production area, the requirements expressed, the tolerances related to the objects contained and the peculiarities of your process.
We always proceed by making a prototype that precedes the final tray

We make trays in different sizes and thicknesses, selecting depending on the industry (food, medical, glass industrial, mechanical components etc.) the most suitable materials, including: PS; PS/PE; PE/PS/PE; PET; PET/PE; FLOCKED; SEAFLOCK

Thermoforms are also subjected to thorough transport tests to be validated

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