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Tecnoform was founded in 1977 as a third party packaging company. It immediately operated with important local companies such as the Bormioli group and Barilla.

Today, thanks to over 80 collaborators, this company expresses a sales value that exceeds € 20 million on a total area of ​​over 12,000 square meters.

Tecnoform is a company based on strong and shared values, far aware of being able to achieve customer satisfaction through competence, professionalism and ethical sense.

Thermoformed Perfumery

For 50 years we have been making interior boxes and cases for perfumery and cosmetics, sectors in which we are leaders in Europe thanks to long-standing collaborations with the most prestigious luxory brands

Handling Traysv

We are specialized in trays and plateaus, protective packaging for
industrial products intended for handling, automation and transport processes.

Thermoformed Food

For several years Tecnoform has chosen to propose itself in the
food packaging market.


Our product portfolio includes interiors in various materials, for
boxes and cases used in the cosmetics sectors, toys, fashion items, gardening, disinfestation and other.

One of the company’s founding values is responsibility.

Toward the environment, Tecnoform has implemented a number of concrete practices including the brand new photovoltaic system